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Original Travel on the case for babymoons

Original Travel on the case for babymoons

09.04.2012| Posted by Sara

* By Nick Newbury, co-founder of award-winning travel company Original Travel:

Babymoons, arguably more important than honeymoons, discuss.

Honeymoon….mega holiday in an incredible destination after the best day and party in your life, the post wedding high, the post wedding energy crash, loads of time in the bedroom and a lot of much needed rest, then the ultimate Sunday blues and back to reality with a crash.

Babymoon….mega holiday pre the new best day in your life, the pre-baby high, the pre-baby energy surge, making the most of the bedroom while you’re still undisturbed, then back for the best thing that will ever happen to you.

OK, this might be a tad idealistic but there’s a certain truth to this and I can assure you that two babies and two babymoons down, we’d have regretted it hugely had we not done a babymoon…both times.

For our first babymoon we went to Mallorca. Hardly original but perfect for what we wanted. The hotel Son Net just outside Palma was perfection, peaceful, beautiful, delicious food and an incredible pool. Then up to Son Brull close to Pollenca, more of the same and so much scope for exploring the stunning scenery of the NE of Mallorca. Finally on to Can Simoneta (pictured) in the North West. An amazing setting and close to our new favourite beach, Cala Varques. We came back from a babymoon in Mallorca on an even greater high than our honeymoon in Indonesia , Australia and Fiji. I don’t write this to show off, I write it to make the point of one trip on paper being so much more glam than the other.

Fast forward to early 2011. Equipped with our 17 month old son, my wife and I set out to disprove the theory that a ski resort plus a small child and a pregnant wife don’t mix. The mountains and small villages dotted along the slopes of the Engadin Valley are made for little children. This is not just a throw away remark. Every day we visited local farms where we fed sheep, milked cows, watched calves and lambs being born and saw eggs and honey being prepared for sale. Farmers, whose mother tongue was a local Alpine dialect were always delighted to show us around their barns or to let our son sit on their tractors. We found immaculate local swimming pools and a natural hot spring. These places were uniformly fresh and clean and as welcoming as a swimming pool could be for little ones. Walks into side valleys were a revelation. Forest paths passed fascinating frozen waterfalls which later in the season turned to roaring rivers. The wildlife was incredible, ibex, chamois, marmot and beautiful birds. Forget the plastic toys at the Alpine Kids Clubs, look beyond the edge of the ski resorts and you’ll find places that will make you and your little ones very happy indeed. Happy children, happy parents and another great babymoon.

Don’t go too early in your pregnancy….you’re probably feeling rotten and your baby is still months away. Clearly going too late isn’t an option for so many reasons. Late second trimester, early third has to be the time. Future Mum is brimming with energy, healthier than she’s been for ages, bursting with love for future Dad, the sun is shining and your bundle of joy is growing peacefully and silently!

Should we go on a babymoon? Fast forward 2 months and your life will have been completely turned upside-down…in a good way….but gone are the carefree holidays on your terms. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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