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Happy Jubilee weekend!

Happy Jubilee weekend!

02.06.2012| Posted by Sara

Happy Jubilee weekend! We hope everyone enjoys the celebrations and the 4-day weekend (even if the weather isn’t perfect). Above are some roses I bought from our local florist – sprayed with sugar in Jubilee colours – for our hostess tomorrow. We are off to a Jubilee party and I have just painted my nails red in a panic because my maternity wardrobe is sadly lacking a full Jubilee range … I am planning on wearing my cornflower-blue Asos skinny maternity jeans and a white top, so I hope the nails suffice for our hosts’ strict dress-code!

Enjoy your weekend and if you are pregnant and getting glammed up, PLEASE post your #PoshandPregnant patriotic photos to our Facebook page … we’d love to see the Jubilee bumps.

Sara xx